Our members are constantly in training to keep updated on new developments in the paranormal field. Our members feel called to this field to help families, home, and business owners through serious and unexplained situations. We are always here to educate the community in many of our outreach programs.

S.P.R.E. has worked with and acquired to know many paranormal teams through the years using “Para-unity” methods. We are grateful to have worked with and teamed up with other paranormal teams Our team/family is especially interested in helping families with children and the elderly to feel safe in their home/environment.  All clients and their needs are important to us and we are here to serve all. Nobody should feel the need to sell their home, because as our motto states, “You don’t have to be afraid.” 

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We are a Full Service Group

(But not limited to:)

S.P.R.E. has two core values:

     1. Research - to conduct and document paranormal activity by gathering first hand experiences and evidence (with an open mind) allowing the factual findings to prove or disprove the presented claims.

     2. Educate - As we continue to evaluate the proven successes and learn more about the paranormal existence, our primary goal is to teach the public and broaden the knowledge and awareness of the supernatural world. 



Our Mission

We are a unique group of investigators with a blend of personalities coming from diverse backgrounds. Together we have accumulated a great number of years’ experience in the paranormal field. Through our dedication and hard work, we have developed a deep respect and love for one another and have built a family like relationship. By having this great foundation it allows us to better serve our clients and their needs. Clients working with S.P.R.E. will find our mannerism to be professional. We are not only respectful to our clients, but we are respectful to their property. Some areas we have investigated are; DE, NJ, CT, Northeast & Southwest MD, Eastern PA, Virginia, and NY; however, we can accommodate special requests.

Up Coming Events

​​Society of Paranormal Research & Education

     * We Conduct Documented Research;

     * Build Devices and Conduct Experiments;

     * Provide Spiritual Counseling to Grieving Families;

     * We Conduct Investigations at Historical, Businesses and Residential Locations;

     * We Educate the Public at Paranormal Events and other Town Events;

     * We Hold Lectures at Universities;

     * Walking Historical Ghost Tours;

     * Website Articles on Paranormal Topics;

     * Guest Speakers at Public and Private Parties and Events;

     * Host “Dining with the Spirits” Events;

     * We can be Heard on Paranormal Talk Radio;

     * And we will Soon be Viewed on our Fourth Episode of Fox 56 Ghost Detectives.

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